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  •  SWA-B3718 Subramaniam K Male 44, Poosam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Vadamal, N.kashyapa, CEO, B.E.,MS, , Software Company, Income Rs 100000 Expectations : Plus two un employed
  •  SWA-B3717 Manoj Kumar Male 25, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Athreya, Private Practice, B.A.LLB,M.L., , Chennai, Income Rs 400000 Expectations : Gr. prefered, working knowledge of domestic chores
  •  SWA-B3716 Veeramani Balaji R Male 35, Kettai, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Vadamal, Harida, MNC, BE.MS, , Australia Melbourne, Income Rs 600000 Expectations : Gr/pg homeloving
  •  SWA-B3715 Hareesh Iyengar Male 31, Rohini, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Vadakalai, Comp.Related(Professional), B.E.,, , IBM Inc. , Income Rs 9000000
  •  SWA-B3714 balaraman pitchai Male 25, Pooradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Vadamal, Kaundinya, Research, Ph.D, , university of michigan, Income Rs 120000 Expectations : Any
  •  SWA-B3685 Santhanaraman Srinivasan Male 34, Uthiradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Astasahastram, Bharadwaja, Chef, B.Sc, , Singapore, Income Rs 55000 Expectations : 10th / +12. diploma or ug
  •  SWA-B3684 Nandagopal K Male 29, Anusham, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Kaundinya, Computer Technical, B.C.A, , Running a reputed College canteen in covai and Web designing, Income Rs 30000 Expectations : Working knowledge of domestic chores
  •  SWA-B3683 Srinivass K Male 33, Revathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Kaundinya, Private Sector, B.Com.,MBA, , Lakshmi Mills company Group Coimbatore, Income Rs 240000 Expectations : Gr. prefered, working knowledge of domestic chores
  •  SWA-G3682 Harini P Female 27, Hustham, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Bharadwaja, Unemployed, ME, , , Expectations : Govt./ bank employee
  •  SWA-B3681 KRISHNA NATARAJAN Male 28, Revathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Brahacharanam, Bharadwaja, Banking, B.Sc.,MBA, , KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK MUMBAI, Income Rs 50000 Expectations : Minimum graduate
  •  SWA-G3679 Sowmya S Female 25, Moolam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Vadakalai, Kowsika, MNC, B.Tech, , Accenture chennai, Income Rs 35000 Expectations : Gr. /pg. emp.
  •  SWA-G3678 Balakrishnan V Female 28, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Brahacharanam, Kasyapa, Executive, B.A., , Private Sector, Income Rs 120000 Expectations : Graduate
  •  SWA-B3675 Balaji Gopalan Male 40, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Vathimal, Academic/Educator, Ph.D, , Pvt. College, Income Rs 200000 Expectations : B.e. or mca or any pg
  •  SWA-B3670 Balaji Sridharan Male 33, Aswini, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Srivatsa, Executive, B.Com, , TCS, Income Rs 31000 Expectations : Any degree
  •  SWA-B3669 KRISHNAKUMAR Male 33, Moolam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Tenkalai, Bharadwaja, Media / Publishing, Others, , NEW DELHI, Income Rs 100000 Expectations : Minimum qualification
  •  SWA-G3667 Jwala Priyadarsini S Female 26, Uthiradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Telugu, Mulakanadu, Scientist, M.Sc.,Bio-Tech., , , Expectations : Working in either us/major europe countries
  •  SWA-B3665 Sathianarayanan S. Male 27, Uthiradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyengar, Vadakalai, Bharadwaja, Software Professional, B.E.(EEE), , Software Engineer in clear Trip Bangalore, Income Rs 1100000 Expectations : Professional employed
  •  SWA-B3664 Swaminathan K Male 31, Moolam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Vadamal, Vadoolam, Private Sector, Plus 2, , Chennai, Income Rs 20000 Expectations : Suitable alliance
  •  SWA-B3662 Athesh Ravi.R Male 33, Pooradam, Hindu, Chettiar, Arya Vysyar, others, Research Oriented, MBA, , Founder at Arrow Point at Chennai., Income Rs 60000
  •  SWA-G3661 Vidya Nagarajan Female 29, Pooradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Iyer, Brahacharanam, Sankruthi, Business Consultant, B.Tech.,MBA, , , Expectations : Btech, mba
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