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  •  SWA-B3768 Manohar K J Male 35, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Kannada Smartha, Kasyapa, Business, B.Com, , United India insurance , Expectations : Puc, any degree
  •  SWA-B3740 Nagaraj Hs Male 41, Barani, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Kannada Smartha, Vasishta, Private Sector, B.A., , Private trust , Income Rs 250000 Expectations : Puc / degree
  •  SWA-B3628 RAGHAVENDRA .K RAGHU Male 37, Aswini, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Kannada Desastha Madhwa Brahmin, Civil Engineer, A.M.I.E, , SELF CIVIL ENGINEER PROJECT CONSULANTANT, Income Rs 60000 Expectations : Any filed
  •  SWA-B3616 VARUN B Male 27, Magam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Balaganadu, Viswamitra, Engineer, B.E.,M.B.A., , ,
  •  SWA-B3564 S RAGHAVENDRAN Male 40, Ayilyam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Bharadwaja, Banking, B.Com.,ICWA, , Icici bank, Income Rs 100000 Expectations : Graduate
  •  SWA-B3534 Balaji MR Male 34, Magam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Viswamitra, Junior Assistant, B.A., , Tamil Nadu State Government, Income Rs 27000 Expectations : Any
  •  SWA-B3531 Ramakrishna S Male 41, Revathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Kannada Desastha Madhwa Brahmin, Kasyapa, Software Professional, B.Tech, , MNC, Income Rs 2500000 Expectations : Gr./pg/ employed/un employed
  •  SWA-B2809 venkat narayan Male 33, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Udipi Brahmin, Bhargava, Information Technology, B.Sc.,MBA, , Verizon India Client Side, Income Rs 650000 Expectations : Any degree
  •  SWA-B2646 Ramakrishna srinivasa Male 41, Revathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Kasyapa, Software Professional, B.Tech, , Hyderabad, Income Rs 200000 Expectations : Graduate unemp
  •  SWA-G2347 shobitha amarnath Female 29, Mirugaseerisham, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Vasishta, Software Professional, B.E.,M.B.A., , mnc, Income Rs 25000 Expectations : B.e mca mtech c.a
  •  SWA-G2276 Saranya Female 28, Revathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Kasyapa, Software Professional, B.Sc, , Wipro Teschnologies, Income Rs 23000
  •  SWA-G2076 preethi b Female 30, Magam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Bharadwaja, Executive, B.Sc.,PGDBA, , crisil group, Income Rs 25000 Expectations : Be mba ms
  •  SWA-B1771 Prasanna Male 41, Kettai, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Kannada Smartha, Kasyapa, MNC, B.Com., M.C.A., , Process Executive DB Group Bangalore, Income Rs 28000 Expectations : Gr.
  •  SWA-G1578 J.Nithya Female 33, Moolam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Desastha, Bharadwaja, Private Sector, B.Com.,ACS, , Company Sec Sandur Manganese and Iron Ores Bangalore, Income Rs 308400 Expectations : Prof. well settled in bangalore
  •  SWA-G1560 K.Bhavani Female 30, Pooradam, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Balaganadu, Viswamitra, School Teacher, B.Sc.,B.Ed.,, , Bellary, Income Rs 8000 Expectations : Highly qualified
  •  SWA-G1473 Kasturi Sanmukha Female 29, None, Hindu, Brahmin-Kannada, Aruvelu, Private Sector, B.Com, , Back office, Income Rs 187000 Expectations : Atleast b.com or b.sc
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