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  •  SWA-B3302 Aroon Narayanan Male 31, Swathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Vatsayana, Accounting/Finance/Admin, B.Tech,M.tech.,, , Goldman Sachs, Income Rs 6000000
  •  SWA-B3020 KR GOPAL KRISHNAN Male 43, Anusham, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Srivatsa, Sales, B.Com, , ,
  •  SWA-B2965 Anandakrishnan krishnan Male 29, Pooratathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, S.marshana, Comp.Related (Soft Ware), B.Tech, , TCS, Income Rs 700000 Expectations : Any graduate
  •  SWA-G2403 Ramya A Female 30, Mirugaseerisham, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Kaundinya, Banking, MBA, , Chennai, Income Rs 50000 Expectations : Proffessional well emp.well settled
  •  SWA-G2309 Mathangi Swaminathan Female 26, Poosam, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Bharadwaja, Comp.Related (Soft Ware), B.Tech, , CTS, Income Rs 25000 Expectations : Post graduate professionals, pure vegetarians, with religious background
  •  SWA-B2198 P E Hariharan Male 40, Kiruthigai, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Accounting/Finance/Admin, B.Com.,M.Com.,, , Singapore MNC, In Chennai, Income Rs 425000 Expectations : Diploma / graduate
  •  SWA-G1963 Jayalakshmi Female 34, Magam, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Harida, Banking, B.Com, , SCOPE INTL, Income Rs 500000 Expectations : Professional
  •  SWA-B1918 Venkateshwaran R Male 36, Uthiratadhi, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Kaundinya, Software Professional, MCA.,MBA, , Aricent Technologies, Expectations : Be, any pg
  •  SWA-B1914 SWAROOP RAMASWAMY Male 33, Pooratathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Srivatsa, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Accountant, , CISCO, Income Rs 1400000
  •  SWA-G1130 Priya Venkatesan Female 33, Pooratathi, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Athreya, administrative, M.Sc.,, , Novartis Health Statistical Analyst Hyderabad, Income Rs 4.5 Laks Expectations : Prof.
  •  SWA-G1129 Minu Female 30, Barani, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Bharadwaja, Business, Dip. in Computer, , Thrissur, Income Rs 20,000 Expectations : Gr. and above
  •  SWA-G1127 S.Viji Female 31, Sadayam, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Srivatsa, Programmer, B.Tech, , MNC as Programmer Analyst in Chennai, Income Rs 30,000 Expectations : Prof.
  •  SWA-G1124 Ramya R Female 32, Hustham, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Kowsika, Unemployed, MBA, , Nil, Income Rs 0 Expectations : Pg. proff.
  •  SWA-G1123 Divya Gopalakrishnan Female 30, Aswini, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Gargya, Engineer, B.Tech, , Design Engg. AMD Bangalore, Income Rs 50,000 Expectations : Prof. well settled
  •  SWA-G1109 N.RAjalakshmi Female 35, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Harida, Lecturer in College, M.Phil, , Coimbatore, Income Rs 8,000 Expectations : Prof.
  •  SWA-G1108 R.Lavanya Female 33, Pooram, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Bharadwaja, Software Professional, Master Degree, , Wipro Chennai, Income Rs 45,000 Expectations : Prof.
  •  SWA-G1107 V.Umaparvathy Female 39, Mirugaseerisham, Hindu, Brahmin-Palghat, Vadamal, Bharadwaja, Unemployed, B.A., , Nil, Income Rs 0 Expectations : Pg/prof.
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